How to Write A Blog Novel

23 02 2008

A glance at Tools of the Trade will show the way I like a book on the internet to look and how I find it most readable. Much more Bookish than Blogish, with chapters as such and easily read in order. All you need to do is click on a new chapter when you are ready for it and hit the next button to continue. Each Chapter is a page rather than a post to a comment. Comments could be turned on at the bottom of a chapter to discuss a work in progress, and in a few days, when I get more of my second book in the Cardoman thing up I will do that with the chapter I am working on (Chapter 10 is now about half way done) and we can see how it works.

A new book needs to be outlined enough so that everyone knows where it’s going. The length ought to make sense and if it is getting too long than it should be broken up into sequels.

I like the Idea of each writer taking a chapter and being in charge of writing and editing that chapter. The chapter lengths I have been using are around 5000 words give or take. The reason I like that length is because someone can read a complete chapter in less than half an hour and know exactly where they left off.

So how long should the book be? Over at Colony Alchibah (I will link to it later) the first novel went to over 450,000 words. Way too long. Really three of four books worth. It took about 5 writers two years to get that far. I say about 5 because some left and some joined. We also had some slow spots where nothing much was happening.

It was in one of the slow spots that Tools of the Trade was written. That book, all 120,000 words, was a full time project and took three months to write with a lot of editing afterwards, and still more to do now that it is posted here. But except for a few pages worth all the writing was done by one person. A lot of help on editing though. Thank you! You know who you are.

Something that length should be doable as a group effort in less than a year. Some things take longer the more people involved.

So how often will it take for a new chapter to come out? A chapter might take a month for one person to complete. With five or so people contributing a chapter should be ready at least once a week. Sometimes sooner. I think that could keep up interest but it remains to be seen.

I, this being my editorial and administrative voice, would place the chapters into the book’s chaper page when they are finished. Do they need to go up in order? Not necessarily so. It would depend on how they are tied in with the rest of the story. Two or more people could collaborate on a single chapter so one post a week might be an understatement. But even if the pace is slower, a year should see completion.




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