Some Thoughts on Editing

25 02 2008

A couple of more things in this post. I was going to add them to the one below but like much of what I do it started to get long. What I will talk about is technical rather than about writing the words. Getting what you have written to look the way you want it to when it is posted can take a lot of additional effort the takes away from creative output. WordPress only helps so much.

For many years I did all of my writing in Microsoft Works. A simpler version of what Word became without a lot of the bells and whistles. I have been using it for over twenty years now so the learning curve was internalized years ago. I can export Work’s native format to a dozen others so when needed I have compatibility with most word processors out there. The most universal format that holds on to most common formatting options is rft (rich field text?) it does a good job for exporting when you are not sure what the recipient uses.

Almost a year ago the Old Dog sent me a disk with the Open Office software and I have been gradually using it for most of the fiction I write. Since I started out on Colony Alchibah writing with Works I continue to use that for items I post there. As a standard for myself I use Times New Roman using a font size of 12 as my standard. With the screen resolution I normally work with I find it easy enough to read and wouldn’t want it any smaller. I write a post in the word processor and copy and past it into the Blog Site editor. That Editor, WordPress, Movable Type or whatever turns the word into HTML code for view over the internet. So far so good.

With some extra work you can modify the standard HTML the editor generates to get a different look. For example having indented paragraphs rather than the blockish ones it seems all blog editors prefer.

    Like this! But it takes a lot of effort to do it from the blog editor where you enter your work. And this editor likes to turn it back to block style. It’s already done it twice so what you see is what you get. More work than is justifiable for large entries with lots of paragraphs. So I will go back to the normal look for the rest of this post. Heck, this version of WordPress might take me back without me even trying.

Once more I have more to add and will be Back Real Soon Now! I am borrowing that phrase that SF. author Jerry Pournelle has been using for years and am going to start abbreviating it as BRSN.




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