A Month End Update

29 02 2008

The Biographies are up on the Orion Wars page so Alchibah might be starting up again. I look forwards to that.

Since I posted last I finished up the draft of chapter 10 of my book, ‘The Cutting Edge‘and started on chapter 11. At that point I realized what with the week I spent starting this blog, that I needed to reread chapter nine to get back in sync. While reading it I added some changes and smoothed it out some more. I will not repost for now. I expect to have the draft chapter 11 done in a couple of more days and will post that.

As a second project, this is kind of like in a Thirties or Forties movie where Mickey Rooney says, “Hey kids, lets put on a Play,” my local Moose Lodge is working on a Michigan Upper Peninsula ‘Search for Bigfoot’ project. I found it interesting to talk about, for about 15 minutes, and then pretty much ignored the thing. The committee working on the project did their stuff and now has posters up all over Munising (pop. 3000) and I happened to read one.

Well—They are offering a cash prize, actually three prizes, for the best Bigfoot story! First place will win $100. How could I resist a chance to become a professional author?

Now I certainly have enough to write and keep me busy without doing this but—the lure is irresistible. Instead of starting from scratch though, what I am doing is taking a part of something Brother Don and I worked on fifteen years ago and using that idea as my starting point changing the story to fit the new situation. I am not sure when the deadline for entry is; I know it must be soon, so I need to get the story written within a couple of days.

When it is done, I might not even enter it, but I will post it into the Short Story section here at the FutureVerse. Still, if I even take last prize, $5, I become a pro.

I just saw over on CT that the Alchibah Epilogue made Kara cry a bit. I have to say it got to me too.




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