More on the ‘Bigfoot Project’

4 03 2008

I had a talk with the main man, at least I think that’s the title. of the guy in charge of the rules committee for what is now known as the ‘Bigfoot Project’. He had a nice brochure and gave me a copy. Suffice to say, things weren’t quite like I thought they were in respect of the short story competition, The word limit for a short story was set at 500. Wow! I was over 6000 on my entry, Something had to change.

I think I convinced the boss man to extend to a thousand words. His reason for keeping it at 500 was to make judging the entries easier. A reasonable desire but for someone like me 500 words is way to short. A thousand is better but now I need to write something else. That’s fair. Of course I might become a judge and be ineligible. Decisions, decisions.

Time is not critical now because I have a few weeks to figure what I do so we will see. A new story whether I enter or not is probably where I am headed.




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