Despair for Certain

12 03 2008

I am also very doubtful about the future of Alchibah or The Orion Wars.

I do have some feeling for what Jeff is going through, been there done that. But, I sure would like to have seen some mention of it on the in-house chat site.

At any rate I continue working on the new platform. Any of our writers have any suggestions for a title, it seems I have to register the domain and adjust my DNS before we can even give it a test drive.

For know if you have an idea hit my private e-mail




2 responses

12 03 2008

Glad you added this post Andy. I have been trying to find a way to Identify authors in the post heading but haven’t found it yet. If it becomes important we can always use the ‘Posted by – xxxxx’ as the first line.

All my characters on Alchibah are in hibernation. The can come back to life in the spring. But spring is late this year.

22 03 2008

Are we in trouble when you not only write to others, but write to and answer yourself …… need white jacket with straps? ….. LOL…… cheers!

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