FM Radio

12 03 2008

The year was 1988 and I was looking to buy a new car. I had pretty much decided to buy a van. I had Ford Ranger pickup at the time and wanted more interior room and something that would let me carry loads, or even sleep inside in comfort if the spirit so moved.

Fortunately, I had a brother working for GM and I could get a family plan discount. The price was what it was, no haggling. And a good discount over list. I decided the Astro Van was the way to go. I had a dealer book that showed all of the options and the list standard prices and what the discount was for the family plan.

I figured it all out and made the decision that the standard radio at $400 + was something I could do without. A simple AM radio was only $67.00 and sufficient to my needs.

I took my list to the local dealer and they had nothing on the lot with just an AM radio. The pressure was put on me to buy a van with the FM option. I managed to resist and they scheduled a build for a van just like I wanted with only an AM on board. It was finally delivered only 11 weeks later. I drove it for years. A wonderful vehicle and in 94 I bought another Astro. At that time the AM option no longer existed so FM and Cassette, there I went.

So what’s the point of all this. I’m not exactly sure but I do know that waiting for gratification does save money and you won’t regret it later. And even cassettes go out of style.

I posted this a few minutes ago and realized I left out the punch line, if indeed there was one.

When the dealer asked why I didn’t want an FM radio I told him, and this was 1988 remember, “I’m still not convinced the technology is going to last Let’s give it a little time.”




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