15 03 2008

Adding Graphics

TCE Cliff Color

Time consuming. Very! It’s not so bad if you are copying over something and pasting it in, but finding or creating what you want is a time sink that can be bottomless. I use government created public domain images, NASA in particular, when ever possible. But to get just the right look most need to be photo-shopped.

I also do some image creation with software drawing programs. Terragen is the one I’ve done the most with, the image at the top of this page for instance, and it is a wonder but the learning curve is steep. I am going to link to Terragen on the side bar next time I update.

This is the internet! And we can do it! So images belong. Today I was working on a NASA image for chapter 15 of TCE. The colors were wrong, and the little figures needed touchup, and I had to reshape the cliff, and… Well you get the picture. Anyway, after a few hours I printed it in black and white and WOW! I really liked it. I think from now on I’ll put black and white in the book chapters and save the color work for the Blog. Above a before, below an after.

TCE Cliff3 BW

Try and find the three main changes. It won’t be easy!




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