March Update

31 03 2008

It’s been a good month for The Cutting Edge, five more draft chapters to go. Should get there before the end of April. Until I do, one or two posts a week here is all I am up for. The site is still very private with search engines turned off. I have made a couple of posts to other sites and used the FutureVerse as my url but I think it’s still only Alchibah writers that ever take a look.

The Bigfoot Project is still in the works. I purchased a Bigfoot Commando Kit from the Moose Lodge for $15.00. It includes a T-shirt, raffle ticket for a thousand dollar prize, matches, a field guide, evidence cards, and eligibility to enter the story contest.

I thought I had the judges ready to go for a 1000 word story limit but it got knocked back down to 500. The deadline for entry is April 11. I worked on TCE-19 yesterday with an eye to finishing it up today. Later in the evening I thought I’d make a stab at the Bigfoot story after some prodding by Annie Judy.

Was I surprised! I had two weeks to think about 500 words and figured it was going to be almost impossible. If I needed to write something with literary merit, it would have been. I finished it in an hour and fifteen minutes. A lot of the time spent cutting words out to make the limit. Ended up with 499 including the two-word title. And I like it! A week and a half to go and I am finished.

I will have to check and see if I can publish it here before the contest. I won’t until I am sure that it’s Ok. Win or lose I will be able to use it later. My only worry now is when they ask for a story they are really looking for details on the life of a Bigfoot and not a story-story.

Now to bribe the judges.




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1 06 2009

I think that is hillarious,,,,,

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