TCE – The Deed is Done

28 04 2008

I wrote that title first as “The Draft is Done” and decided to change it. For another week or so I will take it very easy here and then start my final edit. I expect to finish the edit in early June.

I plan on doing some relaxing, reading, and also some work on the Old Dog Site. That site is now officially called – “Never so Few” – because that phrase is the working title of the first group book we intend to write over there and I changed the name on the sidebar to reflect it.

With spring finally here in Northern Michigan, though as I type this it is 33 F. outside, I have a few weeks worth of outside work to finish. Quite a few trees fell near the house and I need to cut them up and stack the wood. But back to writing stuff.

I thought the first book in the book in the Cardoman Seventh FutureVerse ‘Tools of the Trade’ was going to be a group effort with the Old Dog and me splitting the writing duties. I had a Sgt. Wells character in a draft that OD changed the name of to Robert T. Davis and gave me a little background concerning his past. He ended up filling the same role, or as much as I knew about that role, in TOT. Unfortunately, or maybe not, the Old Dog didn’t have much time to spend writing so I with the exception of a few pages and paragraph edits I ended up writing all of the first book.

When things got slow at Alchibah for a second time at the start of this year. I had the prologue and a couple of chapters of the second book TCE roughed in and then started writing in earnest at the start of February. Mea Culpa, I take responsibility for everything in TCE. Andy Stewart, who happens to be one alias of the Old Dog, has given me a little editorial insight into jump training so I will make a few changes in chapter 23 in the final version.

The hardest thing in writing the last book, aside from sticking to it, (I wrote something almost every day for almost three months), was finishing it up when I was near the end without rambling on and making it longer than it needed to be. I will add a bit to the ending and most every chapter in the final edit but there is a lot of unfinished business for another book.

And so — The next book in the Cardoman Seventh will be titled “To Live By The Sword”. I may work on it a bit but will not post anything until the final TCE edit is finished. Next month while I work on the TCE edit and Never So Few I will probably talk some more here about writing in general and TLBS in particular. When do I think that book might be finished? All I will say for now is before the year is out. And that’s a plan!




One response

8 05 2008
Old Dog

And I will tell the world that with the little background I gave you about Robert T Davis you wrote him to the hilt. I even have some ideas how you can use him in the future. Talk to you later about that!

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