Talk About Never So Few

27 05 2008

I culdn’t expect anyone visiting here on a daily basis to figure nothing much is going on. That would be a reasonable position but far from the truth! This blog is one of two I am working at. The other one Never So Few is taking up most of my time.

The site is a WordPress site like this one, but hosted on an independent server. What does that get you? Some good and some bad, but mostly good. The software in both cases is free. And after three months I have seen nothing to make me think differently. This site is a captive site. By that I mean it is hosted on a WordPress server some where out in California, I think that’s where it is but it is totally transparent to me wherever the actual files are stored.

WordPress has a few premiumfeatures they use to raise funds to support captive sites like this and I wish them well. I think there are even some pay-for services that I could use. And that takes me to the second part of what they do.

They offer, and again without charge, the softwear needed to manage a blog. At least the kind of typical bloggs that are most common for non commercial users. And the product is well desingned and maintained. So What is the difference between the WordPress hosted site and one you pay for on the side? I will talk about the some of the things that affect me and FutureVesre and Never So Few Sites.

The big one relates to how do you want your blog to look. This place FV uses a standard template for looks. It can be modified slightly, different picture on top different arraingement of the sidebar. There are over a hundred of possible templates to start with and they all have something going for them. If you want to modify the look ot add features not in a standard template then if you have a free WP site you pay extra. The costa seems very reasonable.

If you host your own site, or pay for a site from someone other than WP you can modifiy the look and feel of the site to your hearts content without paying additional funds. You can also store and let people download all types of files, carry adverisments and pretty much whatever you like.

The whole WordPress experice is very positive. Looking to start your own? Give it a try.

But, I started this post talking about the other site, Never So Few and the lack of posting here. Capter 2 on NSF should go up today 5-27. I sent my final draft over to the OldDog this morning. Chapter 2 of By The Sword has not been forgotten and is two thirds completed. It will be up here by the end of the month or sooner.

I have some work to do on the NSF infrastructure but that novel in progress should go public very soon. If I had to guess a week or so. We are looking for a few more writers so take a look at Never So Few if you have an inkling.




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