As Promised

31 05 2008

This is the cross post from Never so Few I promised yesterday. It is the second of a two parter and to read the first section you will have to go over there. The address is on the sidebar.

As I Was Saying – Continued.

This post shows one way we could work around one difficulty in blog style publishing of a novel. By default blogs are set to put up posts in the reverse order of when they are written, Last In, First Out (LIFO). Novels don’t work so well that way. Unless someone has seen everything that came before a new chapter or part of a chapter without the context of what came before is hard to follow.

A work around is to set a blogs default to First In First out (FIFO), this works sort of good for novels but is bad when it comes to a blog where the posts aren’t as consecutive and previous context not as important. This blog is set in the LIFO pattern and to get this post to show up below the last one I changed its timestamp so even though it was written afterwards the blog software interprets it has being written first. Follow me here?

Now back to what we did to keep writing. In February I decided to start a WordPress Blog hosted by WordPress. I had this completed book to put on line, Tools of the Trade, and a few chapters of the sequel to keep working on. I downloaded the software and named it the FutureVerse and began working on it. The link on the sidebar here will take you over there. Wes Calvert is the name of the main character in the FutureVerse and thus the name I go by here for most things related to blog management and posting.

OldDog has his own server and Internet gateway. He decided to download the WordPress software and start another collaborative novel similar to Colony Alchibah. I committed, and using my vast expertise as a site administrator, all three weeks worth, to work on this site with him. Andy and I both have administrative rights at Never So Few and at the FutureVerse. This means if either of us has trouble posting for a time the other can make sure that the site keeps moving along. This is good.

What I did at the FutureVerse from mid February on to keep new content coming in was finish the Draft Version of the second book in the Cardoman Saga, that’s what I call it anyway, The Cutting Edge. I stuck in a few short stories and blog entries and OldDog made a few blog entries so there was some new content up every couple of days or so.

My usual writing speed let me finish a draft chapter every five days or so, four spent writing and followed by a day of rest. That site is still not open for search engines but is not private in the sense that you need to log in to read it. You just have to find it first!

Anyway putting up a complete chapter at a time meant no need to deal with continuity problems so we decided to do the same thing here. After I see how things work out on this site I will likely open the FutureVerse search engines and leave comments turned on or left off depending on how much work it is to moderate them.

We will not pre screen comments here unless it does become a problem and on that front my next post will be a duplication of something I already posted over at the FutureVerse. Never waste any thing you have written and it’s even better if you can use it twice.

Tomorrow on Never so few I will recycle the Blog comment post I first put up here a few months ago.




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