World Builders

10 06 2008

How does one go about designing a new Solar System, one that could almost be real? I just added a new site to the Blogroll called World Builders and will write more about it at Never So Few when I add it there, that covers a lot of the ground work. When I was working on Alchibah I wrote a lot of complicated spreadsheet routines that this site handles much more easily and elegantly, at least for simple cases.

And most cases are simple if all you are trying to do is get the numbers close. That’s because there are a lot of variables that can be done away with. Usually you do this because what you are talking about is dependent on the gravitational attraction between very differently sized bodies, where one of the attractors is vastly more massive than the other. In these cases the less massive body’s contribution can be ignored and the results will still check to a few decimal places. More details when I post on Never so Few.




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