And Back at Never So Few

5 08 2008

We have a new chapter posted. This one took some time and once again proved the point that it is harder to write a collaboration than a single author novel. Click here to visit the home page and click Interval The Second once you get there. Unless you want to start at the beginning, in which case start at the top.

The chapter was long and involved enough that we pulled out one of the scenes and will use it to open the next chapter. Once we felt we were finished with the editing the posting became a chore. In a day or two I will make an entry into the blog portion over there and explain, (complain?) about what made it so difficult.

I had an illustration chosen for the chapter but it was going into the section we pulled. I almost never use an unchanged public domain photo or image—so photo-shopping or using software to create an original can take hours. This time it was a straight NASA original so no problems. It Will go into Chapter 5.

I have been neglecting By The Sword to work on Never So Few, but I am about a quarter of the way into the next chapter for BTS as of today. I am aiming for another week to get it done and posted here.

Update a few hours later: I got some more work done on BTS so it, Chapter 9, should go up when I said it would. Tomorrow though it’s back to Never So Few so I don’t slow down things there.




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