Dragging By For A While

14 08 2008

Had to drag by and see what Wes has been up to over here.  I read his stuff but, have not posted for a while.

Most readers do not know that I actually started a character over here in Tools of The Trade.  That started just as the late lamented Alchibah was starting to slow down.

I abondoned that character to the mercy of Wes when Alchibah essentialy died.  The reason being that I threw my heart and soul into building the underlying support that became Never So Few.

Belive me, if you have a major project going you cannot keep up with Wes’s pace!

Also, I was fed up with anyone other than our group controlling anything about our work.  I went and built a sports car, then tossed Wes the keys.

What you see here and at Never So Few is because one man makes these sites work.

He is at times a Luddite but, does great work.

Contest of sorts, if you want to name a character on Never So Few; guess the name of the character that I created in Tools of the Trade.

We will make sure the character you name is not a “Redshirt”.  Matter of fact if you want to write that character, your prize is a username and a password.