Experimental Design

19 09 2008

Over at Never So Few Andy and I are going to try something new, posting chapters a piece at a time. The next installment, a complete chapter, will go up there, I think, tommorrow. I sent off my last contribution today. He will add a bit more then a final edit.

We ended up with some sections that we felt best to cut and make part of the next chapter. Because there are two of us doing most of the writting of that book the chapters are by and large longer than here anyway.

After the section we are finishing up is posted, in another three or four days we will start putting up the next chapter one a section at a time. Content in a timely fashion has to be better than a chapter every two to four weeks.

I have about 20 percent of the next part of BTS drafted out. The Old Dog (Andy) sent me his thoughts on where the character he suggested when Tools Of The Trade got started should be going. That will come a little later in the book. I have a couple of loose ends to finish writing first.

Look for the next instalment of BTS by the end of the month. In the meantime keep checking NSF. If you haven’t checked out the Background Bible there, look at it also. It gets updated from time to time as well.




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