Never So Few Progress – A Bit At A Time

6 10 2008

The next section from Chapter Seven of Never So Few has just been publisihed.  Hit the link then read Chapter Seven (Partial).  After looking at that take a look around the site.  The posts under Novel Ideas are the ones to start with.

I am still working on Chapter 13 of By The Sword but progress is slow.  Another week at a minimum.




One response

9 10 2008
Old Dog

AHH Yes, as the first full Chapter on Never So Few owned by Wes reaches it’s final incarnation; the Return of the Old Dog to the FutureVerse looms ahead.

Wes only believes that it will run smoothly, “What Evil lurks in the Heart of Men? Only the Dog knows for Sure ‘Cue Evil Radio Laugh’.”

Geez Folks, we do this for fun! We have to laugh at each other.

Healthy messing with each others story lines is called “Good Sci-Fi”.

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