At The Old Dog’s Place

10 10 2008

I finished the final Draft version of NSF Chapter Seven today. It is now posted at the Old Dog’s site. Old Dog was out of town when I started the chapter and when he got back home he ever so kindly let me struggle through the rest alone.

Payback will be fun!

I still don’t have a good feel for the Aliens from Chulmur . at least it still takes me a lot of effort to write with their ‘Voice’, but am getting closer.  Lucky for me no aliens in BTS.

Chapter 13 of By The Sword is more than half completed. I’m thinking it goes up Sunday or Monday. I am leaning towards using an incident on Ryman the Old One kicked off and mailed me to finish up the chapter. If I do that he will have to help out on at least one more chapter of BTS. That should make him happy!




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