More Never So Few

28 10 2008

Chapter Eight of Never So Few is up at that other website. Unless Oldiwan makes some changes I will straighten out all the look and feel issues tomorrow.

Got a chance to do some HTML coding over there that I can’t do here. Actually I could do it here but I would have to pay for the ability to modify this sites base code. I would do that gladly but for the fact the Old One let’s me do it at no charge on his site. This we call a win-win.

I have been plugging away on BTS. I hope to have another chapter by the end of the month. Cutting it fine but I will be close. Thanks for stopping by.




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28 10 2008

Speaking of getting some work done. I sent you an e-mail with the address and port number for the shiny new Webmail server at my site.

Hope this works better.

29 10 2008

Worked great Oldiwan. I will publish the account number in a couple of days. Got to kick the tires before I let anyone else in.

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