You Make It, I’ll Break It

3 11 2008

For those of you who may look from time to time at the Never So Few Blog the error screen makes pretty evident there is a problem over there. And yep, I’m the one that caused the problem. It wasn’t hard.

Never So Few is owned by the Old Dog. I am the administrator in charge of look and feel and site design. It was very stable, I hadn’t made any changes in three months. All we were doing was adding content. More posting went on over there and I had an idea for a slight change.

Here at the FutureVerse the website starts on the FutureTense page. The blog section of the site. At NSF it started on the About page, the one that give instructions on navigating the rest of the blog. Since that page was very static. It only changed when a novel update happened I thought to change the start in page to the the blog section over there, that one we call Novel Ideas, make it work like it works here.

It should have been a No Brainer. It looks like it was. I logged in and went to the control panel and made the change. Then I looked at the blog to see if it worked. Well not exactly. All the words were there but on a white background and all the formatting was lost. OK, I.ll change it back and try and figure out what happened.

I learn at once I can’t log back in to make the change. Everything I try just takes me to the site’s front page. I worked at it for an hour then decided to call the Old One and see if he could log in. If not I was thinking he would just install the backup files he maintains. We wouldn’t lose much of anything.

Oldie was unable to log in and went to plan B. But the backup files won’t install either. He tries a bunch of things, still no go. Now it’s time to do a complete reinstall of WordPress. We will lose some data. A lot of the posts but none of the look and feel changes to the template and none of the Novel itself. I have all of that stuff backed up on my computer.

Two days later we still can’t get the NSF site running. I told him when we started over there I would break it big someday. Took me less than a year to make good on my promise. I will report here when we are back up there.

Now on to BTS news. That same evening I mentioned to the Old One I was going to make the change to NSF (he thought it a good Idea too, nobody is perfect, well except The One) I told him I was almost done with chapter 16 of the BTS. Only a couple of hours to go. He told me to stop the presses he had some things he thought I should put into the story.

He mentioned a few things and I had my doubts. I sent him my draft in progress. I don’t usually do that—intending to keep new chapters a surprise on first read. Also as I say over and over, it’s faster writing alone than with help. He scanned the document and said he would make some notes and send it to me in the morning. I said go ahead If I like it I’ll use it.

What he sent was fine, in it’s place, but not at all what I was intending and already written into the chapter draft. A day thinking and working on it and I still couldn’t make it work. Then another day pecking at the thing. That was when I decided to tell Oldiwan I was going to scrap it all and just write it as I started out to do.

It was early enough that I went to make the change to the NSF site before I talked with him. Well you know how that went.

Anyway instead of a couple of hours, four days later I have the draft of sixteen done. I used some of what the Old Dog sent but made a lot of changes fitting into my original storyline. Is it better or worse than it would have been? I don’t know but it is done! I will do a final edit and post that tomorrow after I vote. See it then. Bye for now.




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