Chapter 16 Is Up

4 11 2008

Draft 16 of BTS went up this morning.  My next job is the intro for chapter 9 of Never So Few.  But we still have a problem over there getting the site to run.  I signed out at midnight last night and the Old Dog was still working at it.

The WordPress reinstall thinks the old Database still exisists.  Oldie has been working with tech support but no luck.  When he does get it running I will have severeral days restoring as much of the old stuff as I can.  Unless we can pull it of the original database we will loose a lot of the posts.  Anyway the situation is less than good.

Untill NSF goes up I’ll spend the day reading election news and get to work on one of the two books tomorrow.

 A note on the election: I have never seen so many voters in my rural precinct.  And naturally the optical ballot reader was broken.  The poll worker had us shove our ballots through by hand.  They are now inside the machine but not counted. “When will they be counted?” the guy in front of me asked.

“Oh, when we can find someone to get out here and fix the machine, us poll workers will run them through.”

Can’t say my confidence level shot through the roof.  Out where I live there aren’t even any Republicans on the ballot in many local races.  Surprisingly enough national races are often close.  Be interesting to see how this turns out.  But then again maybe it was broke because of the two millage issues.  So much to worry about—So little time.




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6 11 2008

I cannot leave a comment for the most current post …. good luck guys; we’re waiting with baited breath!

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