To Make a Long Story Short

6 11 2008

Yep, Wes broke Never So Few big time.  Turns out it was not really his fault, it was a little thing called MySQL.  Not much, just the DataBase application under the WHOLE Damn SITE. Note here. Oldiwan used a light frase, I edited in the cuss worrd, – Wes.

Actually I am less upset than that last sentence sounds, this has been a heck of a learning process for me.  It may even directly transfer to my paycheck continuation program.

At any rate I think NSF as a site is back up.

Now Wes Fix It!




One response

16 11 2008

How could it be my fault. Nothing is ever my fault, I just suffer through.

Any way NSF is pretty much all in place again and we are both chugging along. Click on the side bar to see where we really are.

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