New Stuff on NSF

12 11 2008

I got up the first part of Chapter Nine on NSF. I have a good start on Chapter 17 of By The Sword here, call it a third of the chapter. With luck it will go up just after the start of hunting season. That is very close. Then I will take some time off from both sites to spend time in the cold.

I am not going to link directly to posts on NSF for a while. I still have many links still to correct here. When the Old Dog’s site came back up and I reentered the data the permalink addressess pointed to the wrong places in the database. If anyone clicks on a link here and it leads to a web page that does not exist let me know and I will fix it. I will scout them out myself but no time soon.

Another new positive thing from all the work on NSF is that I now have an e-mail address on the sidebar here at the FutureVerse. It leads to an account at NSF but that is fine as I check it every day. Talk to me. I am friendly.




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