Thirty Days Hath November

30 11 2008

And like most months I could have used a few more. Posting and writing have both been light the last week. Company and the weather worked against me. I had a very good visit from one of my brothers and time was tight. Priorities come first.

Today I wrote a piece for chapter 10 for NSF and a page or so for 18 of By The Sword. The total made it a good days work and it felt very good to be writing again.

Another nice thing that happened recently, about a week ago, is that Jeff Soyer, who runs Alphecca the “Gay Libertarian Gun Nut Site” where the Dog and I met and started writing SF for the Web at, linked to both of us on his sidebar. He has been around for years in his primary capacity and gets a lot of traffic, deservedly so. That link has driven a few more page views to us, and page views keep us going in high gear. Thanks Jeff!

Eighteen of BTS by the end of the week. The rest of the book is plotted, just need to write down the words.




One response

2 12 2008
Old Dog

Note only that but your latest graphic effort over at NSF got us our first trackback comment.

Pat your self on the back.

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