Mutiny on the Dragon!

16 12 2008

That was my working title for Chapter 19 of By The Sword. It is written and ready but for a final edit. Look for it later today or first thing in the morning. I will add the links that point to it into this post as soon as I have it up.

Ok BTS 19 is in place. I plan on at least one more chapter this month. I might get two done but that is kind of up to how things go at Never So Few. It also depends on how much more I pack into each one.

The book has five or six chapters still to go until I reach the end. What I am doing is wrapping up loose ends and not trying to introduce anymore subplots. This last chapter could have been far longer, I will save those extra details for the final version whenever it gets written.

A lot more action is still to come as we move along in this book so keep coming back. And I keep saying this but it is still true. Don’t be shy about commenting. —Till next time.




2 responses

18 12 2008
Old Dog

I will say this much, when you throw the defecation at the oscillating rotary air impleller, you throw it well.

The rest of this battle should be great to read. If you wanta drag me in for some of the ground action just yell. I seem to remember making a career outaa that kinda stuff!

Good Stuff!!!

18 12 2008

Thanks Oldiwan. We can talk about it. I will have to do a real ouline rather than the one in my head. Two more chapters of the battle in space. Then we hit the ground running.

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