What Comes Next

19 12 2008

One of the reasons this book is taking so long is because of all the background detail. Two chapters ago I thought the Mutiny on the Dragon was going to happen next. Boy was I surprised.

I knew I had a Caliphate Fleet headed towards Cardoman and I knew there were about 20 major ships involved on the Calp side and another dozen for the good guys. What I didn’t know was what the names of the ships were or who the Captains were. I didn’t know if I needed to know. It depended on how the battle went. I knew how it would turn out but not the details.

What I did was name all the ships and figure out who the Captains were. That took most of a day. Made it easier to write the first part of the battle and it will make Chapter 20 and 21 run smoother. I think it will take 2 or 3 chapters to finish the Battle in Space. Not needing to come up with new names is going to help.

I have a start on 20 and know what will happen in that one. Things are going to get very tough for the Cards.




3 responses

19 12 2008

How about bridge tonight @9?

19 12 2008
Wes Calvert

Giving away one of my vices here Annie.

27 12 2008

But it was only one vice ….. trust me not to spill the beans ’bout the others?

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