I Haven’t Forgotten

23 12 2008

Chapter 20 is more than half through the draft stage now. I took a few days off to do some reading and the weather has been bad. So far this year I have seen close to sixty inches of snow and it is doing it again today. The temp when I got up was 2 degrees F. Weather site says it will get all the way up to 22. Warmer than yesterday. Thank God for Global Warming!

The posting is light here but the Old Dog and I have placed a few new things at Never So Few. This next chapter will be up by year’s end, but I doubt that I get two more posted. Possible but not likely.

If I don’t post for a few days I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season with an even better New Year.




One response

27 12 2008

Hope you had a nice Christmas. It was 80 degrees when I returned — inside temp, that is. Durn boiler for the entire bldg; guess it can’t handle the surge in outside temp which is 53 at present. That would melt a bit of your +60″.

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