The Battle in Space Part 1

25 12 2008

That’s what I am calling chapter 20. It is done in draft and needs some (a lot) of editing but I will get it up tomorrow.

Now there are four or five more chapters left in this book. I know how it all ends but it is getting harder and harder to finish it up. The level of detail is starting to jump up and grab me.

Starting this chapter I had some thirty-six named ships to track along with the names of their Captains and sometimes crew members. I got rid of seven or eight ships in the fight and that is going to help. Do not be surprised if a few more ships go away in Chapter 21.

One of the things I wonder about is if I have gotten things too complicated? I put a lot into this chapter to keep the chapter and word count down. Can anyone but me follow it?

I know that the Old Dog can handle the details but I mean like—Is it readable to others? I will link to 20 tomorrow when I post and hope to get some comments. Bye for now.




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