A Belated Happy New Year!

6 01 2009

And a word about what I am doing.

By the looks of things here I haven’t done much since I posted the last chapter of BTS. But looks are often deceiving. The Old Dog and I have a new chapter, though we call it an Interval, and in this case Interval 3, up on Never So Few posted just two days ago. I have an ongoing series of posts over there about a character I call, Doc Science. I intend to use in the Doc eventually in another book I am working on a bit at a time and ever so slowly—and yes—the next chapter of By The Sword is nearing completion.

I plan to combine all of the Doc Science posts up at NSF into something like a short story essay and then post them here. I have two more to finish before I do that, and will get up the next part of BTS first.

Two or three days should see that new chapter post. I was not very happy with Chapter 20. There is far to much detail concerning the names of ships and their Captains. I am toning that excess down in 21, though perhaps not as much as I should.

Someday, in the final draft, I have a lot of editing yet to do. The more I write. the more I learn about writing. I hope it shows. Take a look here again about Friday and that next chapter should be posted.




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