Doc Science and the Airmobile

28 02 2009

With BTS complete I need to decide what I am going to work on next. Star Siding Road, episodic stories with a background plot is something I have a lot of thought into and already an intro written.

This short story, Doc Science and the Airmobile is the combination of two posts from over at the Never So Few. More background for SSR if that is indeed the next one.

I have also created a blank folder on my comp labeled A Thin Red Line. When I start the next Cardoman book that is going to be the title. Decisions, Decisions!




2 responses

28 02 2009

Title …. sounds like ‘The Thin Red Line’ already produced into movie

28 02 2009

You are correct Annie. I was thinking about the KIpling though and titles are not copywritable. I might change it but if I do I will have to do it soon before I get to enamored with it.

I remember the movie the Big Red One but I don’t remember seeing The Thin Red Line. Might have missed it or the mind may just be going.

The OldDog and I started Never so Few totally forgetting about that movie also. I like the title so it just might stick.

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