APOH Chapter 3 Update

16 03 2009

This is part of an E-mail I sent the Old Dog when I was finishing up Chapter 1.

I will do the chapter 2 about things on Llanfairn and Union. Then another Wes chapter and then it will be time for Robbie to do some training and a little sabotage. Then talk about Audie, Fader, and Zavala then more on Cardoman. It is writing itself! — Don’t I wish?

Well as it turned out Chapter two became background and what was going on with the Cardoman Navy and the Dog wanted to help out with things on Cardoman itself.

I now have APOH Chapter 3 about half way completed; it is what I intended for Chapter 2 but the Dog sent me enough stuff for 3 that I had time to reconsider and change my plan. Now what the Dog sent goes into C4 and that is well underway. And we have worked some more on NSF the novel and posted some things on the website. I am planning on another post over there today.

If things go as well as I can wish for look for APOH 3 this weekend. I like saying this weekend cause it gives me a couple of days to play with. I have said that before but it is ever truer — As time goes on. Quick who did that song?




2 responses

19 03 2009

Got me, all I can think of is “As Time Goes By” from the movie Casablanca.

19 03 2009
Wes Calvert

Color My World by Chicago: First line – As time goes on I realize. I guess I could have made it clearer that the snippet wasn’t necessarily the title.

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