A Point of Honor Chapter 4

29 03 2009

Another Chapter of A Point of Honor APOH 4 is up. The OldDog started this one off and then I ran with it. Making changes that I thought fit the overall style of what has gone before but the basics of Ryman society are his, anything you might find objectionable is of course mine.

The next chapter of NSF is also underway. Again the Dog started this one and has enough already done that it would come close to making a full chapter here. He asked me to do some fill in and that I will begin on starting tomorrow. I will get back to work on APOH in a couple of days.

I left the end of four in a spot that can take it one of two directions and will choose which one after I talk to Oldiwan. I do not expect him to write anymore here until NSF is complete and we are getting close. The rest of NSF is his and I will just be writing filler.

In APOH 4 I used a literary device that must have a name but I have never noticed before, I had one of the characters use as a throwaway line the title of the book. When I do final edits on everything in the series I am going to incorporate that trick. It will give those few that know about it something to look for.

And like I said last time around: a very good start for a book I was going to wait a month on. What I have done is put Star Siding Road on hold once again. Maybe after NSF is complete but I make no promises.

We are working on a few things for April 4th the Blogiversary of NSF. There will be a surprise from the Cardoman Universe over there so watch for it. I had my Blogiversary a month ago and it slipped quietly into the distance. Maybe next year.




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