I’m Still Here

20 05 2009

Just been incredibly busy. I have half of the next chapter written but am over my head with things to do around the house. My snow melted away about two weeks ago and I am clearing trees close to my house and pole barn. I am so far from being in shape that it ain’t easy folks. Lucky for me I have a friend with all the right equipment to make this possible. Two more trees to go that are dangerous and then smooth sailing.

The Old Dog sent me the first part of the last chapter of NSF and I got a small start on it. And I have company coming up for Memorial day. That means window’s and other things I would have liked to put off for a while that I worked on. Actually I wish I could have put them off for longer than a little while but no options for that.

I have made a few post over at Never So Few and under the name of Wes at the Junk Science Forum so I have been writing a bit.

I have also been updating my music database (yes I have one of those) and added sixty new CD’s. They are not all new by any means most I should have entered last year. I buy used CD’s at my local Friend’s of the Library Sale. Often the Used CD’s are still in the original cellophane. The librarians like classical but the town folk not so much. It turns out a good deal for me though because they go for less than a dollar each.

My plan is to get chapter eight of APOH up by the end of the month. This I can do.




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22 05 2009

Enjoy the weekend….

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