Novels and Stories on the Sidebar

14 06 2009

The Outlaw Don told me about a problem he had viewing the six item menu under the FutureVerse Header some time ago. He said he was seeing only three entries. I saw all six in two different browsers. MS 6 and Firefox 2, and the Old Dog saw everything in a third, Opera or Safari, I can never remember which. I could recreate the problem partially by increasing my browser text size until a lot of things flowed off the screen. I advised the Outlaw to just decrease his default zoom level.

About a week ago I got a machine set up to run Ubuntu Linux. That was an ongoing project that took a year of fumbling around. On it I am running Firefox3. And what do you know? I have the same problem. I set my default text size to make things readable and I was down to 3 items on the top menu. That made it a pain navigating to A Point of Honor and Short Stories.

Changing the zoom level really didn’t help because things just got too small to read easily. I have the Linux monitor quite a ways away and I need the Zoom.

What I ended up doing was placing a link box (really an HTML text box) on the sidebar so you can navigate to the various books from that spot as well. Hope it helps anyone else with the same problem.

Now I can copy the text over to Never So Few and have a snappy little text box there that links back to the content here.




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