Cardoman Space

13 07 2009
A 400 light-year sphere around Earth

Cardoman Space in the FutureVerse

It has taken me a long time to get this map together but I finally made it. I used the Open Office presentation program to do the most of the work with a touch of Photo Styler for the stellar background. It does not show all of the occupied systems but covers all of them playing a prominent role in the novels thus far.

Cardoman Space is a sphere roughly 400 light years in diameter. Up to this point I had an idea where most of these star systems were located in relation to the Sun and Cardoman but now I can say I know for sure and can use that information to help with description and to move the plotting along.

In order to fit in the column WordPress down sized the image slightly but if you click on the image you will get a slightly cleaner view.

Note: 7-22-09 – Did a little editing on the photo. I think I have it right now. —Wes




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14 07 2009

o.k. now I am all turned around again,,,I have been off my medication, trying to see how I do without it, and it is not happening, I am pretty much useless without it, but at least now I know I do use it for medical purposes. I do not know if this is the place to have personal conversations for all to read, but I do not have any-thing that personal to type, I assume all who read these comments somebody knows. I am not that computer savy but I am long in words. Any-way Is that solar system real, or am I looking at parts of heaven knows what? And how much of this is real stuff and Am I commenting on something I do not know any-thing about. I was going to ask the outlaw but he has been so groucy, he claims not, but now that I am back medicated we can tolerate each other “brotherly love”. No just joking, not really. Him and I are going to “photo shoot a wedding this saturday, We are the professionaly photographers, go figure. It is very hillarious the way this came about, I will have to share the next time we see you. There has been so much going on in Dan and My life it is picking up steam We are in the middle of buying the house we are in so lots going on…Anyway I want to know what happened. Are you going to make that into one of those everybody jumps on board books? I will try to find things on this because I do truly enjoy reading some things, and I also enjoyed th photos,,I was on the uss enterprise, and I was off my medication. I also discovered that I prefer History over science, (science center sucked) To me it was a reality check it proves that some people prefer facts and some people prefer fiction, I prefer facts, but have known to get involved in some fiction…thanks for letting me ramble…this is intended to get to “wes” by the way just found out that was you. I don’t know,,,,Dan says hello, and looking forward to spending time with his brothers,,me too….shawnee

15 07 2009
Wes Calvert

Hi Shawnee. Yep this is me and this is the place for comments of all types. You can of course Email anything that is not public.

In the FutureVerse novels I am not looking for other authors. The Old Dog will help from time to time but thats all I want or need. Now if you would like to write some fiction, short stories under the Shawnee byline we might be able to work something out. I would have to see them first and we might fight over some editing but if you want to take a stab at it fine by me.

There is a chance the old Colony Alchibah site ( might start up again. If that happens then there will indeed be a place for group writing. We will have to wait and see.

16 07 2009

that will work,,,,thanks shawnee,,

28 08 2015

termakasih infonya, visit blog dofollow saya juga ya gan :) , Abeje

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