Some Editing on the Horizon

19 07 2009

I went right ahead and started my next chapter of APOH. Might not come next in the novel but it is what I want to get on paper now. I am going to talk about the people that went on the mission to Alaraf and their retrurn to Novi. The only problem is that Clay Grayson was on Alaraf and in the last two chapters I have him on Cardoman as well!

That could work without change because I haven’t set the time-line in stone—yet.  But what I want to write next will set the time-line and be at odds with chapters 10 and 11. So—- What I need to do now is replace Clay Grayson with Paul Olivera in the last two chapters. Not a big deal as Grayson is only mentioned about a half dozen times. Still an hour or more of editing the website and the same on my chapter drafts.

I gotta do it though to make things work the way I see them. This is one of the disadvantages of putting up chapters before a book is complete.  I have had to do it before and likely again.  I will fix it all tomorrow.




One response

23 07 2009

Mañana. Good luck. Glad contact resumed w/Alchibah. take care, annie

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