Falling Behind

30 11 2009

Looks like I am going to be late with chapter 20. The Old Dog got busy and I went hunting. Started writing again today. I have 23 working so that may go up before 20. Depends on what Oldiwan is up to. I still have hopes for finishing this by the end of the year but my hopes are slipping.

I also fixed some broken links to the map of Cardoman Space. How they got broke we will never know. Read any of the books already posted and look for something new in a few.




2 responses

1 12 2009
Old Dog

Busy and sick is just the half of it. We will stumble on, I wanta go back and play at my place.

2 12 2009

What Oldiwan is getting at is after this book is complete we intend to start another over at Never So Few.

It is going to be a continuation of the events on New Texas. Jump from the sidebar or click on my name above to see that site now. We finished the first book in that universe a few months ago. What comes next should be fun.

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