The Battle of Cardoman Part 3

7 12 2009

The battle for Cardoman 3, Chapter 23 APOH is up. And alas, Never so Few is still down. I really thought that we would have that web site up again by now but then I also thought chapter 20 would go up this weekend. Life conspires to confound out plans.

When I map out a draft chapter I aim for 4500 words. It gives me time to tell a fair piece of the story and with a smoothing pass and final edit makes a good week or ten days work for someone not a full time writer. With this book closing in on the end I was at my normal word limit on Saturday but still had more story to get into the current chapter. I skimped on the details and forced it to fit in at just under 5000 words. When the final version comes out the first three chapters of the Cardoman fight will likely get expanded into four chapters.

The next section will take us off Cardoman (I have it started) and then we finally make it to the end on the ground again. I am trying to finish in two more chapters plus an epilogue and it is going to be hard with as much as is still left to finish. I will try to talk to the Old One tonight and Chapter 20 really is almost done—Really!”




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