A Very Blue Moon

31 12 2009

The last day of 2009, I am one that goes along with this being the last day of the decade. And wonder of wonders there is a full moon tonight, the second of the month. And that makes it a “Blue Moon.” These are special so take a look if your sky is clear. I had wondrously good skies the last few nights but it is snowing now at Castle Calvert so unless there is a break in the clouds I will just have to imagine it.

Blue Moon

The Outlaw Don took this photo about six months ago. Not a full moon but a very nice picture. I have been working on finishing up A Point of Honor. Only a couple of thousand words to go so it is almost ready. I can promise it by next weekend.

After that there will be a short break here from novel work while the Old Dog and I start on the next book set in the “Never So Few Universe.”

But I can say with certainty; the next Cardoman book will be called “A Very Blue Moon.” I already have it set on the title bar above. And that makes this post very appropriate.

I wish everyone that stops by here a very good New Year and the same for all of the time to come.




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