A Point of Honor is Complete

4 01 2010

Well at least in the draft version. The epilogue to APOH was just posted. Of course you should read the book from the beginning and it starts here.

So what will I be doing next. One thing is to get some work done on the next Cardoman book A Very Blue Moon. There was a lot more I could have written in APOH but once the Old Dog decided to write a few chapters about the war on Triocat this book turned into the war on the ground and the next will become the war in space. What I didn’t say already will be a very good start for the next one once I write it down.

Before that happens I owe the Old Dog a short story for his Tales of the Interregnum. I hope to have that ready in a week or so. Then the Dog and I need to get to work on the second book of the Never so Few Universe.

Then there are the two more websites that Oldiwan just started. I have been working on them and adjusting the code so they look just so. That has been going on for a week already. One of the sites The Old Dog Barks can be seen already and is listed on the sidebar.

As I said in an earlier post, I expect a busy year




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