Two Years Old and Counting

21 02 2010

The FutureVerse just turned two. Since that long ago start I have posted almost half a million words of fiction set in the Cardoman Universe and perhaps another fifty thousand in the short story category. Most all of that written over the same two year period not to mention a hundred and sixty posts and dozens of picture uploads.

Today I was hoping to post another chapter of A Very Blue Moon but I will not have it ready for a little while longer. Too much background to get caught up on, not in the chapter but in my characters data base. I am working on the middle section of that chapter and it will be a few more days.

So what I will do is put up a few images that illustrate some of the Cardoman Universe technology.
A Cargo of Warheads

Long Range Planetary DefenseThe Ship above is moving warheads for the missile platform to the side. It is a long range system defense missile housed inside of a spent fuel tank from a hyper capable G-3 transport. These tanks, up to sixty meters in diameter, are a basic building block used for multiple purposes by many planets without much in the way of space based industry.

Drive Band Cut Away View What we see here is a cut away view of a starships driveband. As is plain something like this is well beyond our current ability to produce and even 800 years hence only advanced systems have shipyards able to make this component without which FTL flight is impossible.

Now for me it is back to work on A Very Blue Moon. The next chapter won’t write itself much as I wish it would.




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