Some Broken Links

4 03 2010

I fixed some broken links in a few of the main novel pages. The ones that pointed to the various Character Spreadsheets. The reason they were broken was because the actual files are stored on the Never So Few server and some of the directories were renamed. It’s a bit more complicated than that but essentially that was how it happened.

Now if you hit the AVBM space above on the menu bar above and click on AVBM-Characters what happens next will depend upon your browser. You will either get the chance to download the spreadsheet or open it with the program of your choice. Open Office will work quite well and I recommend it. I am not putting any direct links into this post on purpose. If you have a problem with the file make a comment.

When I started writing the Cardoman books I used MS Works. I still use that for editing due to its spelling and grammar checker but the writing itself is all Open Office.

I sent the Old One my latest for the Never So Few Book and I spent most of the day on various programing tasks. Tomorrow I intend to get back and add more to my start on chapter 5 of A Very Blue Moon.




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