Daylight Savings

15 03 2010

So I get up this morning and it is almost eight but my body tells me it is an hour earlier, write a bit and it is now after one, this time by the clock I write most all of my fiction in the morning, years of work at a job that started at seven in the morning or before has me programed.

This is to say the next chapter of A Very Blue Moon is about finished. The Old Dog at Never So Few is suffering from writers block on the book, The Devil in the Mirror, we have going there. For myself I am suffering from spring but still getting something done most every day.

While pacing myself in the first four books of the Cardoman Saga I made each chapter at least 4500 words long. When I edit everything gets a little longer even as I cut some of the needless words, but shorter isn’t always better. For this book I lowered my cutoff point to around 4000 words, more chapters but a total length similar to the others, the neighborhood of 120,000 words for a draft version.

The Old dog thinks I fixate too much on word count, I do it that way so I have a target. Not much but it keeps me motivated and that is why I need it.

Chapter 5 of this book, AVBM, the one going up next, is over that 4000 word limit but as I wrote the second scene first and the first scene second, the first part kept expanding till it needed to be a stand alone chapter and that is the way I am writing it. Does that make sense? The second scene goes into a later part of the book. Anyway tomorrow or the next day I should have something up new.




One response

17 03 2010

Sounds to me like you’ve kissed the Blarney Stone.

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