Haven’t We Met?

22 11 2010
Dejah Captured by Dotar

Dejah Captured by Dotar

I was reading some comments at another site and one by a fellow by the name of Dotar Sojat. I thought to myself, “Didn’t we meet last year on Mars?”

A quick Google search brought up this link. There are many fine drawings and other art works there. And not just things related to Barsoom. The Mars drawings seem to be artwork made in preparation for turning The ‘Warlord of Mars into a movie some time in the 80’s.

Disney is reported to be making a ‘Carter of Mars’ movie for release in 2012. A lot can go wrong between now and then and the Wiki article on Warlord shows nothing but starts and stops over a 20 year period.

Dejah Thoris’ hair is the wrong color, the Martian is a bit short, lacks tusks, and is missing a few arms, but none the less quite nice. And the site is worth taking a closer look at.