A Very Blue Moon is Complete

31 03 2011

Chapter 27 of the fifth Cardoman novel is now online. I could write an essay about starting the story a year ago then setting it aside for six months while I worked on other things before finishing it today. But instead I will just post the book’s last two paragraphs which give a picture of how I am feeling about now.

As they transitioned out Wes Calvert proposed a toast. “We have what we came here for.” Holding out his glass he continued, “Here’s hoping this once,” and he paused, “our reach,” and paused again, “did not exceed our grasp.” And he finished it off in one quick motion before dropping the glass to the deck and crushing it under his foot. Each of the others did the same.

Later on a Federation rating swept up and bagged the shards along with video recordings of the toast. He saved it all for shipment back to Union. It just might be worth something someday.




One response

10 04 2011

Ta Dah!!! Encore!!!

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