Internet Interuptus and a Public E-Mail

28 07 2011

I spent the morning working on Cardoman (it’s only a couple of hundred lightyears away) and was going to the Oldiwan’s place to put up a post. No can do, the Old Dog server is down and I think the Dog is in Chicago.

I guess that gives me another hour today for Cardoman, so all is not lost. I sure hope he gets it running again soon because not only do I miss the blogging opportunity my primary e-mail is located there also.

It’s good to have a backup plan and I will have chapter 4 posted Saturday unless WordPress goes down. Not likely he says! If you read this Oldiwan I will be online later tonight. Hope to hear from you soon.

How’s that for a public e-mail?

An update: The Old Dog is back on line and I finished the chapter. It worked out for the best.




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