The Battle at Midway

25 02 2012

The Battle at Midway was the the name I gave to chapters 17 and 18 of Marjoram. Chapter 18 is now online. There is one plot point yet unresolved and I am working on it.

Next chapter, next week.




4 responses

25 02 2012
John S.

That detail being the missing shuttles full of techs?

25 02 2012
Wes Calvert

Got it in one. Cardoman really wanted to bring back some space trained people to help their own industry and especially to enlist in or free up people for their fleet. The Calps blowing up the residential section of Midway base was a disaster on several fronts. But just maybe some of those techs in the cargo shuttle will make it out alive. I think they might, but I haven’t written that far into nineteen yet—so we shall see.

25 02 2012
John S.

A itch in the back of my mind… Several books ago, can’t remember which, without rereading them, had Audie doing some thinking/research into how far in past the limit a ship could transition, and how to handle the energy of such. Has she gotten anywhere with that line of investigation?

26 02 2012
Wes Calvert

I don’t remember which book either but I put it in on the off chance I might develop the concept and use it as a plot device at some time. As of now just a possibility. I don’t want to make things too easy for the Cardoman side,

I did a bit of editing of the posted version of18 yesterday and today, and fixed a few things along with improving, I hope, the Super Lawyer scene. Then I worked on that scene even more in my offline version of the story, Now I need to let it rest and concentrate on 19.

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