Spilling One of the Beans

9 05 2012

The Old Dog and I had been talking about what might have happened on Colony Alchibah after the end of the Blog Novel that got us started. I talked to Jeff Soyer of Alphecca fame, the originator of Alchibah, a few years ago about continuing but at that time the Dog and I were busy on the Never So Few book and I had another Cardoman novel in progress. So the opportunity kind of slipped away.

A few weeks back the Old One sent Jeff an e-mail wondering again about a restart. Jeff said he was surprised we hadn’t done anything about it sooner and to “Have at it!”

Well — We got a domain registered and the site is up and running on the Old Dog’s server farm. Still more work to do—getting a theme set and various odds and ends worked out, but Colony Alchibah will start anew.

This time around it will be more novel like and some of the old plot lines will be ditched. Many of the characters will continue but there will be room for more. We may even do what Jeff did when he started the original: Ask for volunteers to help with the writing. Time will tell on that front.

So that was my first bean. I will have another bean and an Alchibah update next week some time. The only hint I will give is that I have had to redo over 500 links in the last couple of days with another few hundred to go.

Stick around. This could get interesting.




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