Spilling the Second Bean

23 05 2012

WordPress.com has been a wonderful place for me to write the novels and stories I’ve posted here over the last four years. When I began I had little idea the original story line would grow as it did. And the intricacies of blogging can be daunting as well. But WordPress made it all seem easy. I owe a lot to this platform and recommend it to anyone and everyone, and without reservation. I will continue to use this site but it is time I moved on to something a little different.

My writing partner from Colony Alchibah, the one who wrote the Andrew Webb parts among others, the Old Dog, with the spur of the FutureVerse egging him on, set up his own domain hosting service and over there I manage the look and feel of the blog sites. In other words I edit the theme code so it looks a little different from the same template used at other places. Sometimes I even code in what I consider major changes and improvements. And I do a lot of posting on the Old Dog Barks site as well.

Now WordPress.com, this site, costs me nothing. I think the developers must be making it up on the volume. There are very reasonably priced options for upgrading the site. Things like adding video capability and eliminating the advertising. They also offer custom domains and increased support for additional cost. A great place to do business. But…

It is time for me to move on. And so — I registered a new domain where I will continue the Cardoman Saga. My new home is still the FutureVerse but this time it is the FutureVerse.net. And I have it at Oldiewan’s server farm. He has more than one server. I took the updated version of the theme I use here, something again that is an extra cost option at WP.com, and with very few changes imported my data. I had a lot of linking to do but a couple of weeks work and it is ready.

I will put a link to the new place in the sidebar but go on over to the new FutureVerse.net and take a look. There is all the content from this site plus a few comments about setting the new place up. Those I will remove in a week or so. I hope you like it as much as I do.

As I see it this particular piece of the internet property will become a mirror and backup for my new domain. And as much as possible I will duplicate the content here. That being said I have a five year lease on the place and it looks like soon I will need to start writing another Cardoman Novel to keep it busy.




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