Up With the First

11 08 2012

Chapter One of Star Siding Road is posted. You can reach it from here or from the sidebar.


I Have Started a New One

7 08 2012

A few years ago I mentioned a book in the works. I think I even posted the first page. Now I am writing it. The first chapter is posted at the new FutureVerse Site. It is not a Cardoman Universe novel but is a FutureVerse book, and I will mirror the first part here on Saturday. The title of the new oneĀ is Star Siding Road.

I have the first chapter posted but almost half the book complete. I should finish it in a couple of months, give or take. If you wish to see it early go here. If not each chapter will end up on this site about a week after I post it on the new one.

You may expect updates every now and again. That is all.