And in Conclusion

27 04 2012

The last chapter of Marjoram is finished but for a final pass. I may give this one an extra day and post it on Sunday. Could go up tomorrow but If not Sunday for sure.


And Then There Was One

21 04 2012

Marjoram 25 is up so that leaves just one more chapter to write and the book is finished. I intend on taking tomorrow off and going back to work on Monday. One more week should do it.


19 04 2012

A burst today and chapter 25 is close to finished. A little work tomorrow and it will go up Saturday. It is The War in Space.

Two to Go

14 04 2012

Marjoram 24 is posted. Two chapters will finish the draft and then I am going to take some time off. A vacation from Marjoram and the Cardoman Universe. Before I even start a new book in the series I need a new title.

Prior starting this one I talked about the story arc with the Oldiewan from the Old Dog Barks. I said this book was going to be the War In Space, the next one the War on the Ground. Most of this book has been about space war and the expansion of the Cardoman fleet. The events on Bringham being a notable exception and a section that could have been much longer.

I found the title Marjoram by chance while reading something else. I no longer remember exactly what but I am certain it had nothing to do with science fiction. Unique titles are hard to find. I did a Google search and the only other book bearing the name Marjoram was a short one on the spice itself. Cardoman being a spice, Marjoram fit as another planetary name and the home of a major Caliphate production facility. With Marjoram as the title settled the story had to end with a fight at the planet, and so here we are with two chapter to go.

The next chapter will deal with what happens once the allied fleet enters Caliphate territory at Marjoram.

Chapter 24 — What’s Happening?

12 04 2012

It will go up Saturday. I published a post at theĀ  Old Dog Barks where I go into greater detail. Take a look, leave a comment. I need the feedback.

Saturday I will talk a bit about book titles and how they drive the narrative.

Marjoram 23 Has Gone Public

7 04 2012

Chapter 23 is posted. I will start on 24 tomorrow and I should finish the book by the end of the month. Another chapter next week.

Some of you might have noticed I changed from metric to English numbers in most descriptions. If I ever do a complete re-edit starting with book one, I will have the Caliphate and most of the Confederation doing metric while the Indies stick with English. Just because.

Cutting it Close

6 04 2012

This chapter, number 23, turned into another long one. With taxes to do (I got them finished and mailed) and a few other things interrupting my finely tuned schedule, I thought I might miss my weekend deadline.

But no, 23 is written and ready to get ready to post. I hate even the bad job at editing I do before posting. I spend several hour and it only helps a bit. Never the less I will likely have the chapter up tomorrow around noon. If not then it will go up on Sunday without fail.

I will add a few more comments when it does get posted so consider yourself warned.